Extramural Dental Facility Permits - Licensed Dentists

California Code of Regulations

1025. Extramural Dental Facility

(a) It is the intent of this section to provide a procedure whereby an extramural dental facility may be identified, qualified and approved by the board as an adjunct to, and an extension of, the clinical and laboratory departments of an approved dental school.

(b) As used in this article, "extramural dental facility" means and includes any clinical facility employed by an approved dental school for instruction in dentistry which exists outside or beyond the walls, boundaries or precincts of the primary campus of the approved dental school, and in which dental services are rendered.

(c) Dental services provided to the public by dental students at undergraduate levels in an extramural dental facility shall constitute a part of the dental education program.

(d) Approved dental schools shall register extramural dental facilities with the board. Such registration shall be accompanied by information supplied by the dental school pertaining to faculty supervision, scope of treatment to be rendered, arrangements for postoperative care, name and location of the facility, date operation will commence, discipline of which instruction is a part, and a brief description of the equipment and facilities available. The foregoing information shall be supplemented with a copy of the agreement between the approved dental school or parent university, and the affiliated institution establishing the contractual relationship. Any change in the information initially provided to the board shall be communicated to the board.

(e) The processing times for registration of an extramural dental facility are set forth in Section 1061.

Note Authority Cited: Section 1614, Business and Profession Code. Reference: Sections 1614 and 1628, Business and Professions Code; and Section 15376 Government Code.

New subsection (e) filed 2-22-88; operative 3-23-88 (Register 88, No. 10)