Additional Office Permits - Licensed Dentists

Business and Professions Code, Section 1658 states, "...When a licensee desires to have more than one place of practice, he or she shall, prior to the opening of the additional office, apply to the board, pay the fee required by this chapter, and receive permission in writing from the board to have the additional place of practice. "Place of practice" means any dental office where any act of dentistry is practiced as defined by Section 1625, and includes a place of practice in which the applicant holds any proprietary interest of any nature whatsoever, or in which he or she holds any right to participate in the management or control thereof. A dentist who is the lessor of a dental office shall not be deemed to hold a proprietary interest in that place of practice, unless he or she is entitled to participate in the management or control of the dentistry practiced there."

All places of practice must be registered with the Board. An additional office permit is required if a licensee has proprietary interest of any nature, or any right to participate in the management or control of more than one place of practice.

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Applying for an Additional Office Permit

The primary requirements for an Additional Office permit are defined in Business and Professions Code, Section 1658-1658.8 and in Title 16 California Code of Regulations, Sections 1045 -1048 and 1057.

The requirements for a permit for an Additional Office permit are:
  • A completed application form with fee
  • Application Form
  • If applicable, a copy of your Articles of Incorporation.
  • Non-refundable application fee: $350.00

Renewing Your Permit

A permit expires when the qualifying license expires and must be renewed every two years. The fee for renewal is $250.00

Permit Restrictions

Permits are address-specific and are subject to revocation if the practice changes locations or status, such as a change from individual owner to a corporation. If there is no change in ownership, fees for an existing permit may be transferred to a new permit for the new status or location within the same county. Transferring a permit requires the filing of a new application, but no additional fee is required, unless the change is to a location outside the present county.

Permits cannot be transferred from one licensee to another.

Processing Time

After application is received, notice of any deficiencies will be mailed within 30 days. After application is complete, permit will be issued within 30 days.