Enforcement Program

Disciplinary Actions - You may view prior disciplinary actions by looking up a licensee on our license verification web page.

In an effort to provide optimum consumer protection, the Dental Board of California operates its own Enforcement Program. The purpose of the Board's Enforcement Program is to investigate reported criminal and administrative violations in the dental profession. In the event that criminal and/or administrative violations are substantiated through the investigative process, the suspected violators are referred for criminal and/or administrative prosecution.

The Board's Enforcement Program is composed of the following five sections.
  • Complaint Intake
    • Complaints are received at the Board by staff trained to screen incoming complaints for appropriate routing. Initially, complaint files are opened then routed to their appropriate destinations. Some complaints are referred directly to the Investigations Section, the Inspection Section, the Complaint Analysis Section, or to other State agencies. The Board receives complaints from various parties including patients, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, health-care providers, and others.
  • Complaint Analysis
    • Once complaints are received in the Complaint Analysis Section, a team of analysts work together to develop comprehensive complaint files. The analysts request all dental records from the subject of the complaint, and from other dentists and/or physicians who may have rendered treatment to the patient who filed the complaint. Once the complaint files are completed, they are forwarded to the Board's dental consultants for review. The dental consultants are practicing dentists who review complaint files in an effort to evaluate whether violations of the Dental Practice Act can be substantiated.
  • Inspection Section
    • The Board's inspectors respond to complaints alleging unsafe, or unsanitary conditions in dental offices. Inspectors are authorized to inspect dental offices throughout the state and to issue administrative warnings and citations. Dentists who receive citations are required to pay an administrative fine and show proof that the cited condition has been corrected.
  • Investigation Section
    • The Investigation Section is responsible for performing investigations of criminal and administrative violations of the Dental Practice Act. The Board employs a highly trained team of investigators who are sworn peace officers in its endeavors to uncover and prosecute violators in the dental profession. Typical investigations include allegations of billing and insurance fraud, drug violations, patient battery, unlawful sexual conduct with patients, and the unlicensed practice of dentistry. Investigative cases that establish unlawful activity are filed with local District Attorney's Offices or the California Office of the Attorney General for criminal or administrative prosecution.
  • Probation Section
    • The purpose of the Probation Section is to monitor dentists and licensed dental auxiliaries who have had their licenses placed on a probationary status due to sustained administrative discipline. The Board's probation monitors verify that public protection is being achieved and that the dental probationers are adhering to the requirements of their probation orders. Dental probationers who violate their probation orders are subject to having their licenses revoked.

If for any reason you need to get in contact with us please call the Enforcement Unit at 916-274-6326.