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Dental Healthcare Workforce Survey

  • California Business and Professions Code 1715.5 authorizes the Dental Board to collect information from dental healthcare workers at the time of license renewal. The workers may self report his/her employment status, postgraduate training, practice specialty, cultural background and foreign language proficiency. This information will be reported annually on the Board's website.
  • Follow the links below to open a file containing the results of the survey that have been broken down by license types. A link to a copy of the survey is also below. This is for informational purposes only, please do not fill out the survey and mail it back to the Board.


DDS - Doctor Dental Surgery

RDA - Registered Dental Assistant

RDAEF - Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions

RDH - Registered Dental Hygienist

RDHAP & RDHEF - Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice & Registered Dental Hygienist in Extended Functions



Dental Healthcare Workforce Survey