Important Updates Effective January 1, 2022 Regarding General Anesthesia, Conscious Sedation, and Oral Conscious Sedation for Minors Permits

On January 1, 2022, Senate Bill (SB) 501 (Glazer, Chapter 929, Statutes of 2018) will go into effect and impact General Anesthesia (GA), Medical General Anesthesia (MGA), Conscious Sedation (CS), and Oral Conscious Sedation (OCS) for Minors permit holders in California. SB 501, among other things, will repeal Business and Professions Code (BPC) sections 1646- 1646.10 (General Anesthesia), 1647-1647.9.5 (Conscious Sedation), and 1647.10-1647.17.5 (Oral Conscious Sedation for Pediatric Patients), and add BPC sections 1601.8, 1646-1646.13 (Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia), 1647-1647.12 (Moderate Sedation), and 1647.30-1647.36 (Pediatric Minimal Sedation). As a result, significant updates to the current anesthesia and sedation permit program will need to be implemented.

Additional requirements will include the implementation of a new Pediatric Endorsement and patient monitoring requirements when administering deep sedation, general anesthesia, or moderate sedation to a minor patient.

The Board will issue a new Moderate Sedation (MS) permit, which will be required to administer or order the administration of moderate sedation, and will also issue a new Pediatric Minimal Sedation (PMS) permit, which will be required to administer or order the administration of pediatric minimal sedation on a patient under the age of 13 as the existing OCS for Minor’s permit will no longer be issued.

The Board is working expeditiously to adopt regulations and reconfigure the online application and renewal system to implement SB 501. The proposed rulemaking action was published in the California Regulatory Notice Register on December 31, 2021.

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