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Employment Opportunities - Expert Examiner

Expert Examiners

The Dental Board administers all of the Registered Dental Assistant and Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions licensure examinations. Each examination uses actual practitioners to conduct the actual grading of the examination.

RDA Examination - The RDA practical examination is normally given every other month in both the North and the South. Applicants for examiner positions are normally interviewed by a two-person panel, and may then be invited to attend an orientation/training session.

If the person's performance is acceptable, they may be asked to actually attend an examination to begin training. If the person is found to fully understand the grading criteria and be willing and able to use those standards to consistently grade the exam, they may be allowed to actually begin independently grading.

Training is continuous, and interested persons can expect to be asked to grade at each examination given every other month in their area. The exam is normally two days long on a weekend. Examiners are paid a $135 per day salary, and are paid per diem and travel expenses within certain State guidelines.

Interested persons must be current practitioners with five or more years of experience, and must complete and submit an RDA Practical Examiner Application in order to be considered.