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Dental License Applicants

Clinical Examination - Schedule

(Applications are accepted by mail only; they must be received no later than the specified application deadline below.)

Examination Date: March 25-28, 2010
Location: University of the Pacific, San Francisco
Application Filing Period: February 8,2010

  • Space is limited at each examination site, and may fill up before the application deadline. Examination dates and locations are subject to change. The examination date and location for which the applicant is applying must be specified on the application. Applications must be filed no later than the deadline for the specific site. If your application is not received on time for the location that you have selected, you will not automatically be placed into the next examination. Your application may be returned. Applicants will be assigned when all requirements are complete, on a first-come, first-served basis. Candidates whose applications are incomplete will not be scheduled for an examination.

For information on WREB dates and locations, please contact WREB at (602) 944-3315 or you can access their web site at www.wreb.org.

For more information, contact Eric Rivera at 916-263-2510 or Eric_Rivera@dca.ca.gov.